Unity of Berkeley springs


Thank you for visiting our website. Unity of Berkeley Springs is a welcoming community. We honor all paths to God, all the names for God and the spiritual nature or Divinity in all people. Unity is a positive, practical approach to Christianity based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. We teach the principles Jesus lived: prayer, meditation and the transformative power of love, peace and forgiveness.

If you would like to deepen your spirituality and be supported on your journey in an atmosphere of joy and laughter, Unity is for you. Join us for a Sunday Celebration service at 10:00 am at The New Earth Granary - 143 N. Mercer Street, Berkeley Springs (across from BlackCat Music) and check back often for workshops, classes and special events.

Love and Light,

Reverend Anne

Dear Friends



Centered in Love, we are a compassionate inclusive community where lives are transformed and enriched, through celebrating the highest good in all.


Transforming our community and world through living the principles we teach.


LOVE - Awareness of our interconnectedness

INCLUSIVITY - We honor difference and promote understanding, recognizing all people are created with sacred worth

SUPPORTIVE - In a spirit of joy and fun, we encourage self-discovery and sharing of gifts

GENEROSITY - We share from our abundance to bless our community

GRATITUDE - We focus on the blessings we receive

One God, Many Paths

Unity of Berkeley Springs meets at The New Earth Granary

143 N Mercer Street

Berkeley Springs, WV 25422